Located in Lausanne on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, IMD is the global meeting place for executives from all over the world. IMD, "International Institute for Management Development," has a long history of providing executive education. Today, it is a global meeting place, delivering the best in "real world" learning.

The IMD MBA prepares you to take these leaps.
Today's business environment is filled with complexity and uncertainty. It is a world where borders are both falling and rising with unanticipated effects. It is a world facing unprecedented challenges. Top executives tell us that their companies need leaders who can create wisdom from information, impact from action, networks from contacts, and sustained adaptability from change.

The single aim of the IMD MBA program is to develop these leaders.
For more than 30 years, the IMD MBA has been at the top of the MBA league worldwide with its intense combination of leading edge ideas, relevance to business, innovation, and dedication to the individual. We constantly bring in new ideas from our global partnerships with senior executives and companies. We integrate new concepts and ways of learning to keep ahead of the pace of change.

Each year we limit our program to one class of 90 participants, carefully selected to make up a truly diverse group with complementary skills, cultural backgrounds, and experiences. We keep the class small because this kind of leadership development involves a high degree of dialogue, personal attention, and coaching.

We nurture and challenge these exceptional individuals to become the best they can be, and beyond. The program is very demanding – mentally, physically, and emotionally. But the experience is exhilarating and highly rewarding.

More than a program: a life-changing experience.
Dare to make the jump. You could be one of the 90 exceptional people in the next IMD MBA class who will shape the future of business. Please read on, visit our website, and, if possible, come and see for yourself. We would very much like to meet you.


Ch. de Bellerive 23
P.O. Box 915
CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)21 618 02 98


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