What is TopSchools?

TOPSCHOOLS is an initiative of Grupo 3C created with the intention of make easy the search of the best mba's, business schools and universities. For that reason, we have compiled the rankings of the most prestigious newspapers and we have grouped and arranged them to show them to you in the following pages.

Even so, TOPSCHOOLS doesn't have the intention that this information is the only guide for the user, only that they are taken as one element of orientation when you value the characteristics or services that a mba or institution can offer.

TOPSCHOOLS only expounds compiled information of public sources without any intention of manipulation, evaluation or judgement. If you believe that there is some mistake and you want to collaborate contributing suggestions or commentaries, don't hesitate to do it from our mail:


MBA's Rankings
These are the rankings that have more attention by the candidates that want to study a MBA program, and that more presence have in the classifications. The most popular are the MBA full time rankings, but, lately, the MBA's part time and executive rankings are getting more significance.

Business Schools Rankings
To seek and choose the best business school for our needs, is a priority objective for many people that value the fame of the institution, and characteristics as the quality of professorship, accreditations or models of teaching.

Universities Rankings
The lists about the world's best universities are a tradition in USA, and they start to have significance in Europe and Spain.

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At present and with the increasing demand of students that want to study a MBA to guarantee their professional future, many magazines, newspapers and webs that gather many classifications have proliferated with many different methodologies.
TOPSCHOOLS have consulted to those which, for us, are serious, reliable and prestigious sources:

For the sixth year in a row, FT ranked Dardens faculty, as the best in the business

May 12, 2009

The Financial Times announced today that the Darden School of Business&r...

Full-Time MBA Program Ranks in U.S. News Top 50

April 27, 2009

The Full-Time MBA program at The University of Texas at Dallas’ School of Management was ra...

International programme for executives

June 16, 2008

An executive education programme aimed at top executives based in Latin America is being offered ...

Access all areas: distance learning MBA education

May 29, 2008

The complexity of our everyday lives makes finding time to study for an MBA program increasingly ...

Financial Times MBA 2008 Rankings

January 30, 2008

While University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School has top the table, it’...

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