ESSEC MBA: the program
During the ESSEC MBA, students can define their professional goals thanks to a wide choice of electives and experiences, with approximately 200 electives taught in French or English. The curriculum also requires international experience and professional experience.

General remarks
The MBA program at ESSEC offers a customized curriculum containing 2/3 of elective courses that allows students to construct their academic and professional projects. The student body is diverse and includes French and International graduate students plus students coming from the traditional "Grande Ecole" admission path.

Two hundred electives
In addition to the basics, MBA students can explore certain fields in depth by choosing to concentrate on one or more disciplines. Others specialize by joining one of a dozen teaching

During their MBA, students choose and plan their curriculum each trimester with the 200 electives taught in French and English. There are seven core courses (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy, Management Information Systems) and a summary course, where general management problems are studied.

Professional and international experience
Students must have professional experience lasting at least 18 months in order to graduate. Previous experience may be counted toward this requirement. This can take the form of long internships, an entrepreneurial project, apprenticeship, etc. International experience lasting at least six months is also required, as an internship, a humanitarian mission, university exchange or a double-degree program.


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